Knowledge base progress #2

I have been mostly using science to prompt the development of history. I now have a better summary of world history on the main history page. Antiquity is having the modern history of its study reviewed. For classical and medieval history, I am currently reviewing religion. Modern history is being connected to elements of culture, and the centuries of modern history are being connected to fairly low level aids. These include, notably, biographical entries for specific individuals. This is an important step. For instance, in the history of modern science I can now mention a few prominent scientists.  The 20 year periods of modern history have been expanded. For the 19th century, I am nearly ready to begin a discussion of how it has been studied in the 20th century. The 20th century is being connected to religions. The 5 year periods of the 20th century, and years of the early 21st century are also being connected to lower level aids.

Society is also being connected to elements of culture, a little ahead of modern history. Peoples of the world are getting a review of social mechanics. Other areas are not yet being directly developed, but I am making progress toward them.

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