I’m starting to feel my way around more of the social media. I have had a blog for a while, as well as the knowledge base,   In the past month I’ve acquired a smart phone, a tablet compute, signed up for Google Plus, and started to put a profile on LinkedIn, and started a tumblr blog, Farther from the Ground, where I’m doing things like book quotes, favorite music, and so on. This is reserved for more serious stuff.

I’m normally quiet, not very outgoing, and notably incurious about the lives of family and friends. Most of my activities tend to be solitary, and if I don’t have anything intelligent to say, I don’t say much.  However, if I do that, my ideas don’t get noticed.

One of the things I have in mind is to start pruning down the various feeds on Google+ to something I can manage: Then, if I want to, I can add a few more.

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