What? Me? Teach?

I am having some difficulty in compiling a LinkedIn profile. My work experience has been spotty and full of part time and temporary positions, interrupted by periods of unemployment and stints at school. My school experience has also been spotty..six different schools and no BS to show for it. I suppose it best documents my education in the School of Hard Knocks, but it takes some reading between the lines and I don’t expect it to impress anyone with my skills.

The jobs I liked best were math tutoring positions, mostly associated with schools. A couple of times, I ran an independent math tutoring service. This wasn’t very successfully, partly because I hated to advertise (and didn’t)  and partly because what I could earn wasn’t enough. I also volunteered at an elementary school for a few months. There are other people with much better credentials, more experience, and a better aptitude for teaching in schools.

Then, also, as I worked on my outline of knowledge and tried to find an appropriate placement for it, my views of the importance of mathematics started to change. I now group it with languages and concepts, rather than with the natural sciences, in the more comprehensive scheme.

I haven’t given it up entirely, but there are there are other things I am working on that come ahead of it for now. So, for now, the answer to the title question is, I don’t think so. Not now. There are other things I am putting in place first.


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