Happy New Year

So, one of my new year’s resolutions is to have more interesting content for this blog, which has languished in obscurity and neglect. I have been reviewing and recreating my Knowledge base, I am still concentrating on history, but with a somewhat flatter approach than before. For world history, I still have some way to go in adding nations and peoples, although the major divisions are accounted for. Much of the shape of nations is given by cities, and I still have some ways to go in adding and developing these. For the five major divisions of history, i am connecting elements of material culture and anthropology, with a goal of connecting to biographies.

For something different, I have been playing a version of Kerbal Space Program, and for a extra challenge, I am playing in career mode, which requires managing discoveries and funding as well as building and testing vehicles. I decided to record my discoveries in journal form which may serve as a guide to “how not to crush and run out of money” For now, I am presenting these as separate blog entries under the title “The Kerbonaut Program”.

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