Nursing the dream

Still working the knowledge base. For history in general, I have begun connecting specific biography pages, and filling in more details of science. I have modern history connected to details of science, and will be filling in some gaps. The 20th century is being connected to elements of culture and anthropology, The early 21st century is being connected to institutions. I have the raw material for a better summary of events in the largest nations, but I don’t quite feel ready to try to summarize these. The late 20th century needs to have more details of nations connected. For the 19th century, I am making connections to institutions and culture. Classical and medieval history is being connected to elements of science. The future is being connected to elements of anthropology in order to clear the way for development of the 20th century. Peoples of the world are being connected to details of science. Western civiliation is being connected to institutions. Asiatic peoples and African peoples are not far behind. Communities are being connected to elements of anthropology. Social mechanics are a little further behind in connecting to culture and anthropology. Religion is being connected to culture and anthropology, and government to other social institutions. Culture, anthropology, and personal studies have been well connected to other divisions. At a finer level, I an adding to the content of science.

Although there are reasons to work form the top (history) down, where are also reasons to work from the bottom (science) up.. I have been trying to “Flatten” the connections so that I can go either direction and meet in the middle, where there are more practical applications. For now, I;m trying to nurse the project along, and identify which sections most urgently need attention.

I’ve set aside the Kerbal Space Program for a while, and such chronicals as I write are going on the Kerbak Space Program web site.

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