Since the knowledge base is structured primarily as a tree and it is much too large to visit all the elements, deciding what to work on has been a major problem. It is all too easy to select one area and overdevelop it at the expense of other related ones. I can’t treat all branches equally, since some of them are clearly more significant than others. Since I can only work on one at a time, I need some way to decide which is the most important to work on. As higher level categories are fully connected, they will be removed from the head of the list and attention will be focused on their subdivisions, Each active topic has a priority number. which will indicate how much attention I give to it first. This also provides me a more visible measure of my progress.

At present, the 20th century is fairly underdeveloped and is the most active. I am now connecting this to the sciences. The 19th century is also underdeveloped and is being connected to elements of anthropology. The topic of communities is now connected all the way down to the sciences. Social mechanics is being connected to psychology and the human body. In the new linearization scheme, this should come after the 19th century, so development will be paused while the 19th century catches up. Religion is also being connected to the human body and the sciences.

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