One of the difficulties in developing my Knowledge base is that I have multiple inconsistent, incompatible approaches that I am trying to balance. Not necessarily in order, these are: 1) Begin at the beginning. This begins with prehistory. This is held back by the need to develop nations and peoples through later periods, 2) Current events. This is held up because the weight or emphasis of the best reported events does not match the general development plan. 3) Development of societies. This is held up because development in order of size or population doesn’t meed the demands of either history or current events. 4) Local interest. This is held up because those events of greatest local interest don’t meet the requirements of the other approaches. 5) Emphasis on non-historical or geographical approoches. This is held up by the need to develop history and peoples, of the world.

The general plan or scheme for development I have been using is often too inflexible to meet the varying requirements. I am trying a new plan, one which offers a “softer”, more flexible approach of identifying areas that need more work.

For history in general, this involves filling in more information on smaller nations and larger communities and cities. This has been heavily influenced by the needs and information available from modern history, but for various purposes, I need to focus more on Asiatic peoples, and especially those of the Middle East.

The plan for prehistory at present requires more attention to later periods. I have so far been concentrating on Asian and African prehistory and not given much attention to European prehistory.

The development of the area I have called Sociology also needs a plan. I am doing a review of history, which is so far more satisfactory than my previous attempts. At a later stage, I will be attempting to follow this to its roots in institutions, culture, and anthropology.

One of the tools I have been meaning to use is the making of maps. I’m using a program called Campaign Cartographer (CC3+) from ProFantasy, which I can adapt to real-world maps. I’ve been intermittently playing with it for about four years. It has a steep learning curve, but I hope this time around it will be more useful.

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