More plans

Plans are continuing to evolve. At the most general level of history, I am further outlining sketches of the history of smaller nations of the Middle East. For further work at this level, I will be adding cities. Work in prehistory really depends on work in antiquity and in classical and medieval history, but I have better plans for development of these. Modern history is approaching the point where I can start adding in cities. I also have plans for most of the major peoples of the world.

I haven’t dropped my efforts in cartography.

Earth’s coastline, about 15,000 years before present.

This was produced using Fractal Terrains 3 and Campaign Cartographer using data from the National Geophysical Data Center. I imported data from the ETOPO1 Geophysical Relief model into FT3, dropped the sea level about 425 feet, used a segmented Lambert Equal Area projection, and exported the coastline into Campaign Cartographer, (with a little help from people at the ProFantasy forums and the Cartographer’s Guild.).

The map is almost familiar, I didn’t show the ice caps. Even at this scale, It’s possible to see such features as the land bridge between Russia and Alaska, the attachment of Britain to the European mainland, that most of the Indonesian archipelago was above water, the absence of the Persian Gulf, and the greater extent of Australia.

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