Why China?

Much of my work in history in general is being driven by the addition of cities, which prompts the development of nations, although I am feeling the need to connect to details of social mechanics and institutions. This doesn’t work so well for examination of prehistory, since so few of the major cities of the world can be traced back that far. Likewise, the important cities of antiquity have not maintained their former size and importance. The development using cities applies best to modern history.

The size and number of communities has been forcing me to take a closer look at at China, since so many of the cities of the world, especially the largest, are Chinese. China’s capital of Beijing is located in North Central China, and to get to this has involved quite a bit of development of modern history. I’ve developed this far enough that I can start closer examination of classical and medieval history. This still won’t be enough without covering other aspects of Chinese history, but it’s a start.

Details of modern history and current events involve looking at the 19th century, 20th century, and early 21st century. I’m not pushing these hard, but I am advancing them,

I still want to examine my local community, but this is far down the list of cities that need to be examined.

I’m still working on cartography. In my Mercator globe project, I’ve been plotting more of the outline of the continents, and have southern and Eastern Asia and Africa now looking recognizable, though not yet perfect. I still need to work on the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, as well as adding more islands.

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