The future is being plotted

History is currently planning the consideration of 44 cities, I have been recently reviewing Middle Eastern peoples and cities, and am currently reviewing Western peoples and cities. For prehistory, my current plans have so far considered 11 cities, none of them going back to this period. For Antiquity, there are 19 cities, only 3 going back to this period. For classical and medieval history, there are 29 cities. 2 are Western and about 19 Asiatic, which rather strongly points to asiatic peoples as the most productive. For modern history, there are 39. Since so many of the cities of the world have been founded in modern times, I find myself being diverted into consideration of the future before I go into details of the 20th century. For the future, current plans have 12 cities, with so far a principal emphasis on Asiatic peoples.

For Cartography, I have been working mostly on the hand plotted version of the globe.

Since I created this version, North America now includes Baffin Island, and Eurasia now has the Black Sea.

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