Good Morning!

In spite of not being a morning person, and my occosianal suspicion that “Good” and “morning” are mutually exclusive terms (yes, I’m kidding), I have once again been reminded that if I want this blog to be successful, I need to blog every day. Since I have been been accustomed to writing my posts in the evening, after stuff is done, (and the stuff NEVER all gets done), this keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile. Enuffudis. I’m going to try writing in the morning when I am least drained of wim, wigor, and witality.

I was recently in the hospital, and since then I’ve been consumed with a load of daily maintenance tasks that have consumed most of my attention. I have a new malady and a new medication to keep on top of. Nevertheless, I survive and persist at my impossible task of integrating knowledge. Most recently, I have been mostly been trying to push references to Asian peoples and European peoples into the past, century by century. Yes, I’ve done this before and it’s a lengthy and tedious process, but it’s necessary for the present incarnation of the Knowledge Base. I’m trying to keep up with my cartography learning project, but that’s been slowing down. In the meantime, I press onward.

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