What to do?

Although I don’t watch television news, (either CNN or Fox) I do try to follow commentary on current events and political problems. I’ll start off by a couple of observations.

I’m not a great fan of President Donald Trump. I think he talks like a blowhard. However, what he actually does is rather more restrained, and it’s usually on the side I favor. He is certainly not Satan, the father of lies and root of all evil. He has certainly proved a better President than his opposition in 2016 promised to be, or his current opposition in 2020 promises.

I don’t draw. But If I were to draw a political cartoon, it would be a couple of scruffy characters, one with a brick in one hand and a lit molotov cocktail in the other, the other with a tv set under one arm, coming out of a burning store with broken windows and glass underfoot, wearing t-shirts with “Antifa” and “BLM”, and “All cops are bad” and “Love, not hate!” with a speech balloon “Don’t worry, we’re here to save you from your oppressive masters!” Yes, I can be sarcastic. But as I read the scriptures, even Jesus Christ was sarcastic on occasion.

I do not believe the recent and ongoing spate of rioting in cities across the US is a spontaneous demonstration of fury at the treatment of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. There is evidence that it is a coordinated and orchestrated attempt to cause disruption and disorder for political ends, among them to provoke an overreaction on the part of Federal, state, and municipal authorities. I haven’t seen much overreaction yet, although I have seen negligent inaction; most notably in places where the authorities have expressed the most sympathy for the so-called protestors. There is a difference between “protesting” and “rioting”.

Activists have been preparing the ground for this for some years now , claiming that “All cops are bad”, which rather glosses over the fact that robbery, rape, murder, and arson are worse. They have been aided and abetted by the sensational and irresponsible reporting of major news media.

I’ll have to defer a deeper analysis of the social factors that underlie all this for another time; I have personal medical issues that are calling for attention. But I do think about them, frequently.

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