More inching

My development of early prehistory has been progressing. The notes on finds of skeletons and physical remains are now pretty distributed to peoples in each of the subdivisions of early prehistory, so that I have a better idea of the early distribution of mankind. This isn’t anything like a complete history. One of the things I will want to do is to go back to these peoples and create a history of the skeletal finds. I am also moving connections of Asiatic cities, Western cities, and African cities forward through middle prehistory Although it is not believed that cities had yet been founded, Since most people lived by hunting, gathering, and foraging and their communities were mobile rather than settled, I may want to take note of particular sites. Connections to social change, social types, and social structure are not highly revealing, since these categories are still too abstract, but I am making progress. I am also starting to connect religion and government to individual centuries. Anthropology in general, Personal studies in general, and now finally science in general are connected to individual centuries.

I’ve been starting to watch “Here Come the Brides” on YouTube; so far I’m only in the first few episodes. I entirely missed this on its original run; we often didn’t have a working TV in the house when I was the age when it was broadcast, although Perry Como’s version of the theme song, “Seattle” was a staple on one of the radio stations when I was living in Provo in the 1980s.

I’ve been something of a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archive” since it came out. He recently produced a quiz which “sorts” you into which order of Knight Radiant you would best fit based on your personality. It seems that I would most likely be a “Truthwatcher”.

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