Knowledge Base Progress #6

For history in general, I have connected a few more nations and a few more cities. There are now enough cities connected to history that I should be able to do subdivisions of China. Prehistory is being connected to more nations. For Antiquity, I have finished a review of peoples of the world as far as they have been connected, and I am examining some of the largest cities of the world to find how many can be traced to antiquity. There are rather few. Classical and medieval history is being linked to culture. The subdivisions are going through reviews of connections to other periods of history, and I have introduced stub pages for the centuries of medieval history. Modern history is now being linked to areas of geography.  The 16th century is still going through a review of history, and I have begun linking the 17th century and 18th century to more nations. For the 19th century, I have been doing a review of peoples. The development of the British empire and the westward expansion of the English speaking nations across North america are themes of this period. For the 20th century, I have linked to areas of economics. For the early 21st century,  am just beginning begun a review of peoples of the world.

For Sociology in general, I have finished a review of anthropology and I am beginning a review of biographical entries. Peoples of the world are now connected to economics. I have added several new nations, which are being incorporated into history. I am still reviewing the connections of cities to particular nations, and I have begun connecting social mechanics to more history.

Institutions in general are now almost fully connected to technology as far as I have developed it.


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